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State Conference 2003 Overview
Men & Women at Work:
Strategies for the Total Team
Joseph L. Mancusi, Ph.D
Do men or women make better managers? How do men rate women managers? The answers may surprise you. Clinical psychologist and professional speaker Dr. Richard Mancusi cites a recent study that demonstrates that women managers are more effective in 28 of 31 management traits – and most of the raters were men! Both men and women can be equally successful at the same job. They achieve their success often by using different management styles. The key to team productivity is identifying the best management style for each individual.
A dynamic speaker with more than 1400 presentations to his credit, Dr. Mancusi has been featured on national news shows such as the NBC Today Show, and quoted by such publications as the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.
Coaching: Bringing Out The Best In Others
Laurie Shakur: coach, trainer, consultant

Laurie will show you how to recognize daily opportunities to coach people you work with and describe the coaching skills you need to bring out the best in everyone.

With over 20 years experience in Sales, Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness, Laurie Shakur provides effective solutions to organizational challenges. She inspires people to action and offers solutions that have real world relevancy.

Tribal Warfare in Organizations
Peg C. Neuhauser: speaker, author, consultant

Peg Neuhauser will provide a humorous and entertaining look at turf battles between departmental and professional groups in organizations. The author of Tribal Warfare in Organizations. Neuhauser offers practical tips on the do’s and don’ts of tribal communication. The goal is to produce more effective collaboration and problem solving that makes life easier for everyone and provides service to customers.

Peg is president of PCN Associates, the management consulting firm she established in 1984. As a speaker and consultant, she offers practical tips for actions to create a more innovative and adaptive organization. Her focus is on increasing collaboration in cross-functional teams, improving relationships among work colleagues, and strengthening the organization’s culture to focus on its goals more effectively. Her stories, case examples, and humor illustrate each idea in a way that is both entertaining and easy to remember.

Amazing Face Reading
Mac Fulfer, J.D., lawyer turned face reader

Face Reading is a means to a deeper communication with every person you meet. Mac Fulfer takes this art/science out of the realm of the mysterious and into a hands-on method of learning.

Face reading demonstrates how reading the very structure of the face and its accompanying features reveals the thinking style of its owner. Face reading can also identify the problem-solving preferences, stress level, degree of openness, intimacy requirements and even the basic truthfulness of a person. Your face is a living record of your life and, like your personality, it is shaped by both inherited factors and your response to life experiences.

Whether selling, hiring, negotiating, speaking, or interacting, the ability to discern another's attitude and mind-set is a skill we all desperately need. Being a truly gifted communicator is not solely defined by mastery of a verbal style or well-rehearsed techniques; it also requires the ability to immediately read and acknowledge your audience. The availability of the face gives the reader an opportunity to accurately interpret and respond to every interaction. Learning to read faces will change your life forever. You will never look at people the same way again.

Mac Fulfer is a popular speaker and lecturer who gives presentations on face reading for national and international conferences. He customizes his presentation to the specific needs of the organization that he is speaking to, such as improving sales, jury selection, and better hiring interviews. He has spoken to companies and organizations that include American Airlines, the Kansas State Judicial Conference, Business Week Magazine, the International Meeting Planners, the National Association of Legal Administrators and the U.S. Postal Service.

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