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2005 WI SHRM State Conference Responsibilities
Committee Chair(s) Responsibilities
State Conference Co-Chairs
  • Ann Barry Hanneman
  • Bob Swanson
  • Establish overall goals, responsibilities and objectives
  • Submit budget to WI State Council
  • Manage conference budget
  • Assemble/lead conference team
  • Finalize/approve activities theme
  • Provide consistent, timely and accurate communication throughout the conference
  • Tasha Sledge
  • Michele McKnight
  • Jane Hoida
  • Submit budget to Co-Chairs
  • Review contract with hotel and coordinate conference needs
  • Present food options for committee approval
  • Serve as liaison to hotel staff during the conference
  • Work with Programming to determine room size and set up needs to assign speakers to rooms
  • Submit to Publications the room arrangements for the program and all hotel information including maps, directions, information and rates
  • Evaluate all logistics for attendees and exhibitors, including parking, lodging, etc.
  • Work with Exhibits and Registration to ensure proper set up including information booth at registration
  • Coordinate emergency contact number and message board with hotel, including job openings and messages
  • Work with activities to confirm rooms
  • Arrange hotel accommodations as needed for committee and speakers
  • Arrange all speaker AV and room set up for conference (with Programming and AV provider)
  • Arrange for conference committee communication via walkie talkies
  • Work with Activities to confirm all speakers set ups, food etc
  • Arrange location for Book Store
  • Work with Sponsorship to make sure special sponsor requests are met
Activities Co-Chairs
  • Diane Hamilton
  • Michelle Bailey
  • Develop social activities for the conference participants including entertainment for Wed and Thurs evenings
  • Work with Accommodations to coordinate rooms and meals for events
  • Coordinate activities to encourage interaction and networking between participants.  Chairs must ensure not to distract from the program of the exhibitor aspects of the conference
  • Create activity to attract attendees to the exhibit hall
  • Request any needed volunteers
  • Solicit prizes for activities if necessary
  • Accommodate SHRM Foundation activity
  • Request necessary signage from Communication/Web Coordinator
  • Display signage appropriately throughout conference
Advertising Co-Chairs
  • Amy Doepke
  • Anthony Dix
  • Submit budget to Co-Chairs
  • Contact previous advertisers concerning advertising interest
  • Identify additional organizations to advertise in brochure
  • Develop template defining the various advertising packages
  • Work closely with Sponsorship and Exhibits on special advertising packages
  • Identify other creative ways to generate advertising revenue
  • Work with Publications to make sure camera ready art work is secured to meet the printing deadline for the program
  • Work with Communications/Web Coordinator to print any needed signage
  • Display appropriate signage throughout conference
Book Store
  • Theresa Galewski
  • Submit budget to Co-Chairs
  • Work with Accommodations and Exhibits concerning space and other needs for the Book Store
  • Identify a vendor for the conference and negotiate contract details including staffing of the Book Store
  • Work with speakers to assist them in selling their books either through the book vendor or separately
  • Work with book vendor to develop a list of products at the conference including newly released books
  • Provide information on the Book Store to Publications including vendor logo
  • Coordinate book signings at conference
  • Request volunteers as necessary
  • Request signage from Communications/Web Coordinator as necessary
  • Coordinate advertising of Book Store with vendor
Communications/Web Site Coordinator
  • Kellie Dunn-Poggemann
  • Coordinate between Publications, Accommodations, Programming, Registration and Exhibits to ensure consistency and accuracy in information appearing in print and on the website
  • Coordinate needs, ordering and displaying  of necessary signage
  • Manage website
  • Evaluate/Coordinate attendee/exhibitor swipe cards
  • Kristine Hackbarth-Horn
  • Helen Englebert
  • Submit budget to Co-Chairs
  • Develop optimal exhibit hall layout with Activities and Exhibit Hall vendor
  • Work with Accommodations and Activities on exhibitor needs
  • Create exhibit hall layout for Publications
  • Develop, maintain and share a database of potential exhibitors
  • Invite potential exhibitors to the conference
  • Work with Publications on exhibitor ads
  • Respond to exhibitor questions/requests prior to and during the conference
  • Work with exhibitors to donate prizes and coordinate distribution of the prizes
  • Coordinate exhibitor information with Website/Communications Coordinator
  • Submit exhibitor revenue to Finance
  • Coordinate signage needs with Communications/Web Coordinator
  • Display appropriate signage during conference
Finance Chair/Treasurer
  • Jodi Collien
  • Provide monthly financial update on the conference to Co-chairs at committee meetings
  • Pay all bills and expense reports submitted for the conference
  • Receive and deposit all monies received from the conference
Programming Co-Chairs
  • LeighAnn Zimmer
  • Amy Kingsland
  • Wendy Fritz
  • Submit budget to Co-Chairs
  • Update RFP and coordinate with Communications/Web Coordinator for posting on website
  • Identify keynote and learning session speakers and discuss with Conference Co-Chairs
  • Arrange and confirm speakers requirements (equipment, accommodations etc.)
  • Work with Accommodations to coordinate speakers with room availability and schedule
  • Provide accommodations with speaker needs including AV, room set-up and hotel stays
  • Provide Publications with speaker information (background info and copies of presentation materials)
  • Provide Registration with speaker information and meal needs
  • Provide volunteer needs for speaker introductions to Volunteer Co-Chairs
  • Obtain background information about speakers for introductions
  • Manage speaker costs to budget
  • Identify back up presenters in the event of a last minute cancellation
  • Provide information on speaker books to Book Store
  • Provide Advertising with info on Speakers advertising in the program
  • Provide info to Communications/Web Coordinator regarding signage needs
  • Display appropriate signage during conference
Publications Co-Chairs
  • Linda Vahldieck
  • Cindy Cerro
  • Submit budget to Co-Chairs
  • Develop conference publications graphics,  design and logo
  • Collect information from all other committees for publications
  • Identify conference printer(s)
  • Print pre-conference registration brochures and conference program
  • Print meal tickets, tour passes, raffle tickets prize tickets, speakers handouts as needed
  • Choose vendor for CD of conference handouts/materials
  • Work with State Council for conference mailing list
  • Get national members-at-large list to including on mailing list
  • Forward pre-conference registrations notice to all chapters
  • Request volunteers to stuff conference bags
  • Place registration and brochure on State Council website (coordinate with Communications)
  • Communicate publications deadlines to committee chairs
  • Janine Diana
  • Cori Post
  • Submit budget to Co-Chairs
  • Coordinate registration with Publications and Communications
  • Maintain list of conference registrations via Internet
  • Develop and evaluate registration processes for attendees and exhibitors
  • Acknowledge receipt of registration
  • Coordinate a pre-registration list for food counts including special needs for Accommodations
  • Create attendee packages including name tags for attendees, volunteers, speakers and exhibitors
  • Communicate messages to participants during conference
  • Procure lanyards for name tags
  • Coordinate attendee/exhibitor registration payments
  • Request volunteers as necessary
  • Coordinate refunds
  • Greg Hubley
  • Pat Desmond
  • Submit budget to Co-Chairs
  • Contact past conference sponsors
  • Contact potential sponsors
  • Identify other creative sponsor opportunities (programs, activities, events, services and supplies)
  • Provide sponsor information to Publications
  • Request signage from Communications/Web Coordinator and place throughout the conference
  • Confirm/communicate with sponsors
  • Develop material outlining sponsorship opportunities and place on website
  • Coordinate sponsors with Exhibits and Advertising
  • Send thank you notes to all sponsors
  • Chad Schmidt
  • Bill Galovich
  • Submit budget to Co-Chairs
  • Contact all student chapters concerning their involvement in the conference
  • Develop list of professional volunteers for the conference
  • Solicit and coordinate all volunteer needs with committees/committee members
  • Create a list of each volunteer and their responsibilities at the conference
  • Engage a photographer for conference (pro-bono if possible)
  • Direct volunteers
  • Thank all volunteers
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