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WI-SHRM Workplace Diversity Advocate Award
Wisconsin State Council - Society for Human Resource Management
What is the Workplace Diversity Award and why is it offered?
To recognize those organizations and/or companies who foster an inclusive work environment in which all employees are inspired to contribute their best through their different perspectives, backgrounds and experiences. Award an organization who has been a role model in their local community as a strong advocate for diversity. This award will be based on organizational achievements. The Workplace Diversity Award is presented to the recipient at our WI State SHRM Conference that is being held October 3rd - 5th in Wisconsin Dells, WI.
Who is eligible?
Organization/company nominated for this award should:
  • Have displayed diversity in their local community.
  • Be a role model for others in their advocacy of diversity.
  • Have demonstrated leadership in championing the cause of racial, cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and other aspects of diversity within the human resources profession and community.
  • Be an organization, company or division of an organization/company that is based in the State of Wisconsin.
Who can nominate?
  • Nominations may be submitted by a member of the Wisconsin State Council of SHRM (e.g., SHRM Chapter Presidents, Functional Directors, Regional Directors, or Officers)
  • Nominations may also be submitted by a Chapter Diversity Advocate/Chair from a Wisconsin SHRM Chapter.
    (Local Chapter Members and Chapter Board Members may prepare nominations for submission by their SHRM Chapter President or Chapter Diversity Advocate/Chair.)
  • An organization can self-nominate by submitting the application to the board of their local chapter or directly to the WI State Council Director of Diversity and Inclusion.
*** Please remember that if you are nominating an organization other than your own, to work with that organization to fill out the nomination forms. We want to ensure that the organization has had the opportunity to add initiatives, etc. to the application.
How can one nominate?
When are nominations due?
  • A completed nomination must be received by September 05, 2012, for consideration.
How are recipients selected?
  • Nominations will be reviewed by a Diversity Awards Committee of the Wisconsin State Council of SHRM.  
Completed nominations should be sent electronically or in hardcopy to:
Carl Jaskolski
Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Wisconsin State Council – SHRM
c/o Professor, MBA Office
Concordia University
12800 N. Lake Shore Dr.
Mequon, WI 53097
FAX: (262) 674-1259
Diversity News & Articles
2012 WISHRM Diversity Advocate Award

Goodwill NCW
How does the organization embrace, celebrate, and include diversity in its workforce?
  • Diversity efforts included at various workplace environments.
    • Retail stores
    • Administrative offices
    • Mentoring & Shadowing Opportunities
  • View diversity as a journey not an end point
How has the organization served as a role model for others in their advocacy of diversity?
  • Has been at the forefront of the community, advocating for diversity, inclusion and social justice
  • Developed leadership in other organizations across the state.
  • At the front lines of working to prevent recidivism for recently released incarcerated people and in working in restorative justice system.
  • Getting men engaged and involved in preventing domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • Developed several programs such as;
    • American Indian Services
    • Miracle League
    • Harmony Cafe
Describe the innovative diversity initiatives implemented by this organization.
  • Initiatives that stand out include:
    • Beyond Boundaries of Autism
    • FISC: financial counseling and support for people of all means
    • Circles of Support: volunteer-based wrap-around support and services for recently incarcerated people to help prevent recidivism.
  • Internal diversity-related initiatives;
    • Chaplain position created who is faith-friendly but not faith-based.
    • Diversity & Inclusion Leader position created
How has this organization shown their awareness and commitment toward diversity?
  • Sponsors and supports dozens of community based diversity events;
    • MLK Jr. celebrations
    • NAMI events
    • Juneteenth
    • Foods for All Nations.
  • Offers space to a variety of diversity related organizations;
    • Casa Hispania
    • Fox City Rotary Multicultural Center
    • Epilepsy Foundation
    • Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
How do this organization’s management practices and behaviors support diversity?
  • Has 12 core values of which three (3) are;
    • Put People First in all aspects of the mission.
    • Provide opportunities for growth and development of people
    • Embrace diversity and full inclusion
Schreiber Foods Inc. (GIMT)
How does the organization embrace, celebrate, and include diversity in its workforce?
  • Casts a wide net in terms of its recruiting efforts
  • “We are Schreiber” video highlights the diversity of workforce
  • Vision with respect to diversity is to create a workplace reflective of the worldwide partners it hires and the global population it serves.
  • 1800 people surveyed very good comments about D&I
  • Cultural holiday observances for partners at facilities in Utah and Mexico
  • Veterans comprise a significant portion of workforce
  • Uses Internet newspaper and video system to communicate the importance and value of diversity initiatives within org.
  • Internal promotions are posted through video allowing worldwide review
How has the organization served as a role model for others in their advocacy of diversity?
  • Initiatives to elevate diversity awareness and foster inclusion
  • Heavy emphasis on working with certified women-owned and minority owned businesses
  • Packers Mentor Protégé Program
  • Leaders on special international assignments
  • Assisted in development of the Multicultural Mentoring Program – helps multicultural students
  • Partners serve on BOD of Boys and girls club BB BS Green bay chamber diversity committee
  • Tutoring programs with at risk students
  • GB partners participate in Rebuilding Together efforts to repair homes for people who can’t afford
  • Engaged in our communities videos highlight the work partners complete.
Describe the innovative diversity initiatives implemented by this organization.
  • Provides multiple opportunities for partners to learn how diversity and inclusion impact
  • Internal class entitled “Championing Diversity”
  • Partners helping Partners program
  • Engineering team designed a production line to accommodate a newly disabled partner and provided a wheelchair for this person.
How has this organization shown their awareness and commitment toward diversity?
  • Amplified its commitment through the introduction of many programs detailed in document.
  • GLOBAL inclusion and multicultural team
  • Vision reflects focus on diversity and inclusion
  • 68 female leaders all in NOWBL
  • Representation on the Green bay SHRM Diversity Committee
  • Recruiting team continues to cast a wide net by recruiting nationwide
How do this organization’s management practices and behaviors support diversity?
  • Begins at the top, all leaders go through diversity training.
  • Promotes respect of all partners
  • Company sponsored global job shadowing
  • Cultural lunch and learn sessions
2010 WISHRM Diversity Advocate Award – Best Practices
The Milwaukee Center for Independence:
  • Hosts an annual, three-day Diversity Awareness Celebration event. The event is designed to encourage employees to learn more about their similarities and differences, celebrate various cultures and traditions and become more aware of diversity issues.
  • Produces quarterly “Diversity Corner” newsletters, monthly diversity email blasts, and diversity-centered “Lunch and Learn” sessions for staff.
  • The agency’s Diversity Team schedules an annual team member retreat, facilitated by an outside consultant, to reiterate and strengthen support of diversity initiatives using goal-setting and team-building activities.
  • Is considered a “knowledge center” in promoting diversity education and awareness in the greater Milwaukee community. An example is the agency’s collaboration with the Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee to develop, host and promote diversity seminars and workshops in the MCFI Conference Center.
  • Recognizes Gay and Lesbian Pride Month with an LGBT awareness “Lunch and Learn” featuring information about the issues surrounding sexual orientation within the workplace and community.
  • Partners with the Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) special education program to provide School to Work job opportunities at MCFI. Special education high school students gain the skills and experience they need to enter the workforce after graduation.
  • In collaboration with Summerfest, MCFI sponsors a program to greet and welcome visitors with disabilities and point out the amenities for people with special needs offered by the festival. MCFI employees and family members volunteer their time to provide this service, which began in 2005.
  • Works with the Milwaukee Chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses by lending support in raising community awareness of Hispanic health issues and working to increase the number of Hispanics who choose nursing as a career.
  • In partnership with the Hmong/Asian-American community in Milwaukee, participated in and co-sponsored the 2nd Annual Corridors Network event. The Hmong/Asian-American community connects local families with a wide array of resources.
  • Works with the Milwaukee Chapter of TRIAD to outreach to the senior citizens’ community to help enhance the quality of life for older adults.
The Milwaukee Center for Independence and its Diversity Team are continuously exploring new opportunities to promote understanding among diverse groups, collaborate with allied organizations to advance diversity, and energize and educate staff members to become champions of diversity initiatives.
To accept the award on behalf of the Milwaukee Center for Independence, Mr. Alvin Hill, Director of Diversity and Learning and Development.
Mental Health Center of Dane County, Inc.:
  • The MHC internal website has a Cultural Diversity Library page for staff resources.
  • They participate in Health Fairs in the Latino, African American, and Southeast Asian communities.
  • Each MHCDC program developed specific cultural competent strategic plan aimed at making services more accessible to a diverse client population and to employees.
  • Crisis Intervention Team Training aimed at the elderly population.
  • There is a HIV Committee auction to provide support to individuals living with HIV/AIDS.
Gundersen Lutheran Health System of La Crosse
  • Patient and families’ knowledge, values, beliefs, and cultural backgrounds is being incorporated into the planning of care for the patient as it is a part of our five year strategic plan.
  • They offer benefits for same sex and opposite sex partners.
  • Gundersen Lutheran was one of 182 hospitals that participated in the landmark survey for promoting the importance of diversity management called “The State of Healthcare Diversity and Disparities: A Benchmark Study of U.S Hospitals.”
  • Along with 9 other organizations, they developed and implemented a Healthcare Worker Initiative to increase education and employment opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities.
  • They helped develop a pre-college healthcare education program which encourages participation of low income and minority students.
2009 Diversity Award - Workplace Diversity Advocate Winner

The 2009 Wisconsin SHRM Workplace Diversity Advocate Award was presented to Quarles and Brady, LLP. Quarles & Brady weaves diversity throughout their entire organization. Diversity comes naturally to them and is imbedded into their culture; it is part of their every day activities and processes. They truly believe that it starts at the top and is lead by one of the National Law Journal’s 50 Most Influential Minority Lawyers. They have diversity outreach programs, minority liaison programs, ongoing diversity training & retreats and diversity & inclusion councils.
Some of the community initiatives they provide are:
  • Quarles Care Program – this provides employees the opportunity to engage in civic and charitable initiatives within their communities. This program identifies and supports hands-on caring opportunities. Each firms has programs tailored within their given local community to meet that community’s needs. This can include partnerships with local schools, Second Harvest Food Bank, United Way, Boys & Girls Club and free legal clinics for low-income individuals.
  • The Fellowship Open – This golf event raises money for organizations and institutions that foster and develop character and values among minority youth. Quarles has contributed more than $400,000 to youth activities touching over 25 organizations. In 2004 The Fellowship Open was recognized by the PGA for outstanding efforts for minority youth in the community.
Quarles & Brady is truly a diversity leader. From their Diversity Business Plan to their community involvement, they are a role model for others.
Quarles has chosen Centro Legal to receive the $500.00 donation on behalf of the WI State Council in honor of them receiving this award. Centro Legal’s mission is to provide affordable legal representation to Milwaukee families so they may maintain stable homes and remain employed in the face of legal difficulties.
Additional Information
Contact Information
Carl Jaskolski
Carl Jaskolski
WI State Council Director of Diversity and Inclusion
Phone: (414) 581-5189
Carl Jaskolski has worked in the human resources profession for over 30 years. As an educator, he has been teaching over 15 years at Concordia University-Mequon both Graduate and Undergraduate courses in human resources for the university.

Having worked in union and non-union environments as well as in civil service, privately owned, profit making and non-profit organizations he is committed to doing what he can in order to have the employer and employee work collectively and maintain a productive and harmonious relationship.

Carl has provided numerous seminar presentations for organizations on sexual harassment, inclusiversity and supervision. He has received international recognition in his pursuit to clean up corporate communication. Articles have appeared about his “Language Code of Ethics” policy for the workplace in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and on MSNBC.

Mr. Jaskolski received his BA in Mass Communication–Journalism and Master’s degree in Human Resources and Labor Relations from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

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