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SB 86 – Mandated School Conference and Activities Leave
At a recent Public Hearing on SB 86, Committee Chair Robert Jauch (D-Poplar) questioned the observation that Wisconsin's Family Medical Leave Act presents compliance challenges for Wisconsin Human Resources professionals. Wisconsin HR Professionals need to contact Senator Jauch and explain the compliance issues and challenges they experience under the Wisconsin FMLA.
School Conference and Activity Leave
Current Wisconsin and Federal Law require employers with 50 or more employees to provide Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) to their employees. The length of leave entitlements vary between the State and Federal laws, as do the qualifying requirements and administration of the two laws. Because of these variations the FMLA’s are among the most complex that Wisconsin employers must administer.
SB 86 creates an additional leave entitlement of up to 16 hours of school conference and activities leave in a 12−month period under Wisconsin’s FMLA for any employee of an employer, employing at least 50 individuals on a permanent basis in this state. School conference and activities leave may be taken to attend school conferences or classroom activities relating to the employee’s child that cannot be scheduled during nonworking hours. In addition, school conference and activities leave may be taken to observe and monitor the day care, preschool, or pre-kindergarten services or programming received by an employee’s child, if that observation and monitoring cannot be scheduled during nonworking hours.
Substitution of Paid Leave
An employee may substitute, for portions of school conference and activities leave, other types of paid or unpaid leave provided by the employer, except that an employee may not substitute paid leave of less than an hour for school conference and activities leave for attending a school conference or activity.
Notice of Leave
An employee who intends to take leave to attend a school conference or activity must give the employer advance notice of the conference or activity and must make a reasonable effort to schedule the conference or activity so that it does not unduly disrupt the operations of the employer.
Definition of School
“School” is defined as: a day care center licensed by the Department of Health and Family Services; a day care provider certified for funding by a county department of human services or social services; a day care program established or contracted for by a school board; a public or private preschool or pre-kindergarten, or a public or private school that provides an educational program for one or more grades between kindergarten and 12.
You may contact Wisconsin State Senator Robert Jauch's office at 608-266-3510 to discuss and explain the complexity of FMLA compliance in Wisconsin.
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